The best professionals on international trade 

Our team

A prestigious group of professionals with regional and international recognition in foreign trade are available to provide all the necessary assistance to make the objective of exporting or importing your company a reality. 

Efrén Flores

General Director

Efren holds degrees from California State University Northridge and ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico. As an international business development consultant, he travels widely throughout the U.S. and Latin America addressing marketing strategies and opportunities to do business in Mexico. He’s consulted with federal and state governments in Mexico and overseas, as a representative of the World Trade Organization for the Ministry of Economy, a member of APEC negotiation board and a senior trade specialist for a recognized consulting firm. He is General Director of Global Business Partners Mexico, S.C., a firm he founded in 2006. GBP Mexico is the authorized trade and investment contractor for the States of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin. He’s been recognized internationally because of his skills in negotiation, international business development, market strategy, strategic planning, and international sales and business management. His consulting and business couching services have helped more than 1700 U.S. companies to have a successful entry to Mexico. After being in 70+ trade missions, Efren Flores is a strong believer that businesses must be conducted face to face and support business partners in full. Efren’s expertise has spans a range of industry sectors including: automotive, environmental, agricultural products and equipment, heavy machinery, telecommunications, civil and general security, medical, plastics and chemicals. In addition, Efren has been elected as president of ASOM (US State Offices in Mexico ) in July 6th. Since then, he has participated in different webinars with Mexican state government institution with the objective to increase trade and investment between U.S and Mexico. 

Silvia Alonso

Commercial Director

Silvia Alonso is the Commercial Director of Global Business Partners Mexico, Consultancy firm founded in 2006 by Efren Flores and her. She has 20 years of experience in international business, market development, investment promotion, consultancy, marketing, international sales, and business strategies for international and national customers in different industries. She holds a bachelor Degree in International Business and a Master Degree in International Marketing from Universidad Intercontinental. She started her professional experience at Acetec Group a heavy machinery broker, afterwards she joined Volvo Trucks Mexico in the Exports-Imports Department, later on she started working at the Pennsylvania State Office in Mexico as Trade Specialist, In 2006 GBP Mexico was founded and Silvia acted as Senior Trade Specialist of the Pennsylvania State Office and Manager of GBP Mexico. In July 2008 GBP Mexico awarded the representation of Kentucky in Mexico and from the period of July 2008-2013 she acted as Director of the Kentucky Agricultural and Commercial Trade Office in Mexico. Since 2013 she is the Commercial Director of GBP Mexico and Project Manager for the State of Michigan, as July 2019 Silvia also acts as Project Manager for the State of Ohio Mexico Office. She has wide experience in leading, and coordinating trade missions including delegations with Government Officials and Entrepreneurs as well as coordinating participation in Trade Shows and helping several foreign companies to successfully enter the Mexican market. 

Karina Rubín

Senior Trade Specialist

Karina is currently working as Senior Trade Specialist at Global Business Partners Mexico. She studied International Relations at Universidad Iberoamericana, and has a Postgraduate Degree in International Organizations. Her professional journey began with professional practices at the European Union in Mexico, followed by a role at Procorfi Consultores, which was the Pennsylvania State Office in Mexico at the time.Further enriching her diverse experience, she has worked at Debisa, an environmental company, and held the position of Marketing Manager in Televisa. In 2007, she was hired as Account Director in Terra Networks. Her subsequent positions were at Conde Nast as Digital Media Manager, Strategic Account Executive in Prodigy MSN, and Digital Sales Executive in Sony Pictures Mexico.With a professional career that spans over 18 years, the majority of which is steeped in international business, Karina is fluent in English and French. She has invaluable experience in the organization of trade missions from the USA, Germany, India, and Northern Ireland, and is specialized in sectors including sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, IT, and environmental industries.Lastly, she carries an additional key responsibility that enhances her international reach: she organizes meetings with ASOM Members (US State Offices in Mexico) and Mexican Authorities and Institutions. This responsibility ties in well with her extensive background in international business and deep understanding of multiple global markets. 

Lorena Ozuna

Senior Trade Specialist

Lorena holds a bachelor Degree in International Business of Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración of Politecnico Nacional and a Master Degree in Administration of Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria de Ingeniería y Ciencias Sociales y Administrativas of Politecnico Nacional. Lorena is a native Spanish speaker and speaks, reads and writes English fluently. Her professional experience includes: Development of International Business, Support to Foreign Trade, Organization and planning of trade Shows, Consulting of International Trade, Evaluation and support in the process of import and export, and Diagnostics of market and products in Mexico and Latin America with experience in construction, medical, automotive, chemical, security, metal – mechanic, mining, agriculture. Lorena has a total of year of professional experience of 12 years and 11 years of experience in international business.

Paulina Salgado

Trade Specialist

Paulina is an accountant with a diploma in international trade. She has 40 years of experience in investment attraction, resource planning, financial advising and market analysis. She is skilled to obtain and develop valuable relationships between customers and institutions and is able to perform strategic analysis related with funding and promotion. Since 2003 she has been a private consultant serving as a liaison between banks and companies of private and public sector, identifying companies interested in obtaining financing for purchasing machinery and equipment or raw materials from the U.S., Europe and Asia. 

Horacio Anell

Trade Specialist

Horacio has 18 years of international work experience and a total of 24 years working experience in Consulting, Marketing and International Business with clients from Mexico, Canada, United States, Japan and Latin America & Caribbean countries. A native Spanish speaker and with full command in English, he has worked in the following companies and capacities: Nissan (Supervisor for the exports area), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Trade specialist), Dazu Intertrade (Consultant), Euromonitor International (Senior Research Analyst) and currently as Senior Trade Specialist for GBP Mexico. Horacio Anell holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Panamericana and an MBA degree from McGill University.